I just can’t forget these things…

Video do Ricardo Portilho, um cara que também estudou comigo. (nem fomos tão colegas na verdade, fui calouro da turma dele). Vi no blog do Florencio e achei bem legal. Segue a ficha técnica:

A personal take on my life in Amsterdam and the pills of wisdom once whispered by my parents that every now and then come back into into my mind.

Ricardo Portilho

Ricardo Portilho
Vitor Peixoto

Ricardo Portilho
composed and performed by Fabiano Fonseca (Digitaria). Recorded at Andar Estúdio, Belo Horizonte/Brazil.
Mixed by Daniel Albinati (Digitaria).

Thanks to:
Dima Stefanova
Henk Groenendijk
Amir Admoni
Eduardo Recife
Rob Schroder
Vitor Peixoto

Amsterdam. Zomer. 2007

This movie was produced within the scope of the project Kosmopolis goes Global, dealing with how immigrant young artists deal with family and frienship being away from home. With the support of Stichting Kosmopolis, The Netherlands.

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