The new media reader 2

“It is time that we treat the people who have articulated fundamental ideas of human-computer interaction as the major modern artists. Not only did they invented new ways to represent any data (and thus, by default, all data which has to do with ‘culture’, i.e. the human experience in the world and the symbolic representation of this experience) but they have also radically redefined our interactions with all of old culture. As the window of web browser comes to supplement the cinema screen, museum space, CD player, book and library, the new situation manifests itself: all culture, past and present, is being filtered through the computer, with its particular human-computer interface. Human-computer interface comes to act as a new form through which all older forms of cultural production are being mediated.”

MANOVICH, Lev. New media from Borges to HTML. In: MONTFORT, Nick; WARDRIP-FUIN, Noah. (org.) The New Media Reader. London: MIT Press. 2003

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