A informação

Meu livro chegou. Vamos começar a imersão.

Seguem algumas críticias:

NYTimes de Geoffrey Nunberg (University of California – Berkeley)

Contemplating the problem of turning information into useful knowledge, Gleick sees a similar role for blogs and aggregators, syntheses like Wikipedia, and the “vast, collaborative filter” of our connectivity. Now, as at any moment of technological disruption, he writes, “the old ways of organizing knowledge no longer work.”


In an evocative final paragraph, he pictures humanity wandering the corridors of Borges’s imaginary Library of Babel, which contains the texts of every possible book in every language, true and false, scanning the shelves in search of “lines of meaning among the leagues of cacophony and incoherence.” If it comes to that, though, we’ll have lots of help identifying the volumes that are worth reading, and not just from social networks and blogs but from libraries, publishers and other bulwarks of the informational old order. Despite some problems, a prodigious intellectual survey like “The Information” deserves to be on all their lists.

Guardian, Alok Jha

So the story behind the human mastery of information deserves its day in the sun, in as much detail as possible. The most remarkable thing, perhaps, is just how fast it has happened

GLEICK, James. A informação: uma história, uma teoria, uma enxurrada. São Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 2013.

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